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Epoxy for ponds

Pond Armor epoxy comes in many colors, is easy to apply and can last as long if not longer than flexible liner.

Surface Preparation:

Pond Shield can be applied to both new water features and existing water features. In order for you to achieve the best results with your epoxy pond coating, you need to prepare the surface properly. Pond Shield epoxy coating was designed to adhere to many different surfaces including, cement, concrete, shotcrete, gunnite, cinder block, brick, stone, tile, wood, fiberglass, steel and aluminum. Simply put, our epoxy pond coatings can help you build a better pond!

When preparing to apply your new epoxy pond coating, several things need to be considered, cleanliness, surface tooth and chemical properties of the surface area. Cleanliness can best be described as free of dirt or impurities. The example to the left represents what can happen when a concrete render is not properly bonded to the concrete shell. This area, in specific, had a hollow spot beneath it and had to be chipped away and repaired before any epoxy pond coating could be applied.

After any bad spots have been repaired, the chemical properties and surface tooth can be addressed. With concrete, cement and tile or stone types of materials, the surface area should be acid etched with muriatic acid. This will help slough off any of the powdery residue that forms when concrete cures. Most importantly it will neutralize the alkaline properties of the concrete (which is important for the proper bonding of your new epoxy pond coating).

Surfaces like wood, steel or aluminum, you'll need to abrade with a 60-grit sandpaper and clean before applying your epoxy pond coating.


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