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Home to the largest exclusive water garden center in Arkansas, Green Thumb Water Gardens sells elite Japanese Koi, goldfish, water plants and pond supplies.

fish food beneficial bacteria helix life support PondMax Automatic Fish Food Feeder in Little Rock, Arkansas flowering pond island
Vacation Food Block
Our Price: $7.98
One Fix (32 oz.)
Our Price: $17.98
PH Test Kit
Our Price: $11.98
Helix Pond Skimmer
Our Price: $479.98
Floating Plant Basket 10"
Our Price: $19.98
While you are away, you know that your fish are getting the nutrition that they need. Slow release feeder block will not cloud pond water and is suited for both koi and goldfish.
CrystalClear OneFix 12 month natural clarifier is designed to help keep water clean and clear year round.
The bacteria and enzyme strains found in CrystalClear OneFix are among the strongest offered on the market today. So no matter what season you are having problems, OneFix is the answer! 32 oz. bottle treats 96,000 gallons.

Quickly and accurately evaluates water quality, allowing for detection of minor ph changes and the avoidance of major problems. PH levels are affected by fish waste, rainwater runoff, organic waste, the mineral content of tap water, and a drop in oxygen levels.

Test weekly or after a major event such as a heavy storm or high winds! 100 tests per kit

A Skimmer will remove floating debris such as leaves and pine needles from the top surface of your pond. This innovative skimmer design keeps fish from getting trapped in the leaf basket. It's ideal for either submersible or external pump applications. Stainless steel hardware to prevent faceplate screws from rusting. Can be used with EPDM (rubber) liner or concrete applications.

Automatic Fish Food Feeder allows you feed your fish on a regular schedule whether you're home or not. Make your own "island" with these floating plant baskets. Arrange with your choice of water plants and flowers which can easily be changed for a different look to accent any season. Ideal for ponds with narrow or no plant shelves. They also provide shelter & shade for your fish.
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Helpful information on building and maintaining your water feature, fish health, and water quality issues
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Get driving direction to our retail location in Little Rock, Arkansas.
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