Green Thumb Water Garden Center
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Home to the largest exclusive water garden center in Arkansas, Green Thumb Water Gardens sells elite Japanese Koi, goldfish, water plants and pond supplies.

28025 Nichols Loop Road
Little Rock, Arkansas 72223
Store Hours: M-F 8am-5pm, Sat. 8am-3pm, Sun. Closed
We will be CLOSED Monday for Memorial Day.

Helix Beneficial Bacteria 32 oz in Little Rock, Arkansas Arc-En-Ciel Water Lily in Little Rock, Arkansas Water Lettuce in Little Rock, Arkansas Year Long Fertilizer Spike Laguna in Little Rock, Arkansas
Contains pro-biotic microbes, enzymes and electrolytes to reduce sludge, uneaten fish food, fish waste & other excess nutrients.

The leaves are certainly the standout feature of this truly unique variety.
They are olive green, frequently splashed yellow, cream, pink, and even red radiating from the center. No other water lily leaf is similar and each Arc-en-Ciel pad is different. The flowers are pretty, shell pink, fading to nearly white on the last day, held above the water surface, and have a strong fragrance.

Water Lettuce is a floating plant that covers a pond's surface providing shade for fish.
Buy 4, Get 1 Free
Easy to use, long-lasting, year-round, water plant fertilizer.
One spike lasts ONE YEAR!
Helvola Dwarf Water Lily in Little Rock, Arkansas Sagittaria latifolia Art Garden Pot Painted Peace Make Her Daisy 12" in Little Rock, Arkansas Wanvisa Hardy Water Lily in Little Rock, Arkansas
Helvola (Dwarf Water Lily)
Our Price: $39.98
Sale Price: $29.98
Savings: $10.00
Our Price: $39.98

The star shaped flowers (2-3") are absolutely stunning! Tiny oval leaves (5") are small and heavily speckled with purple. The flowers have matching purple undersides. A charming dwarf lily for a small pond, water feature, or container gardening. This lily is winter hardy.

The leaves are shaped similar to an arrowhead and produces a white bloom. Tolerates sun to part shade. Grows approx. 24-48" tall.

Wanvisa hardy water lily blooms are a combination of deep peach and yellow. The leaves are dark green with splashes of red. A must have for any water garden.


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