Green Thumb Water Garden Center
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Home to the largest exclusive water garden center in Arkansas, Green Thumb Water Gardens sells elite Japanese Koi, goldfish, water plants and pond supplies.

28025 Nichols Loop Road
Little Rock, Arkansas 72223
Store Hours: M-F 8am-5pm, Sat. 8am-3pm, Sun. Closed
We will be CLOSED Monday for Memorial Day.

Water Lettuce in Little Rock, Arkansas Water Canna in Little Rock, Arkansas Finch Wall Fountain in Little Rock, Arkansas Sweetwater Pals in Little Rock, Arkansas
Water Canna
Our Price: $19.98
Finch Wall Fountain
Our Price: $268.98
Sweetwater Pals
Our Price: $129.98
Water Lettuce is a floating plant that covers a pond's surface providing shade for fish.
Buy 4, Get 1 Free
Water cannas have sword shaped leaves of green, red or variegated combinations.
Finch Wall Fountain
This peaceful mother dragon cuddles her baby with loving smiles and tails entwined. H: 13" W: 8.25" L: 15"
Parrot's Feather  (Myriophyllum aquatica) in Little Rock, Arkansas Blue Wall Jug Pot in Little Rock, Arkansas Black Princess Hardy Water Lily in Little Rock, Arkansas Hi-Fin Banded Shark in Little Rock, Arkansas
Blue Wall Jug Pot
Our Price: $44.98
Hi-Fin Banded Shark
Our Price: $34.98
Parrot's Feather is known for its lime green foliage which trails along the surface of the water.
The wall jug is hangable or can be placed in your garden. You can fill it with plants or leave it empty as an accent piece.

Black Princess hardy water lily display small, cup-shaped, deep burgundy/reddish/black blooms. The leaves are olive green with hues of red/burgundy around the edges. The stems are olive green.

The hi-fin banded shark (myxocyprinus asiaticus) is an algae eater.


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